Meet The Staff


Gary Hamrick
Senior Pastor

Andy Wagner
Executive Pastor
Ministries & Church Operations

Marwan Rifka
Executive Pastor

Kelley Schroder
Kelley Schroder
Administrative Pastor

Matt Denby
Assistant Pastor

Mike Emerson
Assistant Pastor

Ed Fife
Assistant Pastor

Mike Frick
Assistant Pastor

Austin Hamrick
Assistant Pastor

Tyler Hamrick
Assistant Pastor
HS Youth

Turner Miles
Assistant Pastor

Jimmy Mullen
Assistant Pastor

Jimmy O'Keefe
Assistant Pastor

Barrett Phillips
Assistant Pastor
MS Youth

Micah Reiser
Worship Pastor

    Ministry Directors & Support

Nick Arey
Director of Graphics and Creative Design

George Corso
Director of Technology

Alissa Curtis
Director of Communications

Pat Edwards
Children’s Ministry Events and Safety Coordinator

Jason Elwood
Director of Broadcast Media

Kevin Hylton
Director of Innovations

Dana Hylton
Event Coordinator

Heather Jenkins
Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Philip Keller
Website and Special Projects

Tracey Levy
Director of Heaven Sent

Joshua Meyer
Graphic Design

Chris Morris
Director of Facilities

Andrew Sales
Worship Intern

    Administrative Assistants

Marilyn Nestor

Melissa Dahm

Jess DeBoard

Krista Dengler

Lindsey Hamrick

Kerri Mohr

Annette Padilla

    Facilities Management

Ryan Lueders

Michael Zeller


Chris Cole

Laurie Hesler