Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get involved but not sure where to begin?

We always have volunteer opportunities available! Volunteering is a great way to serve the Lord and get to know others at Cornerstone. Getting involved as a volunteer provides an opportunity to use your gifts and help build up the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11–13). Check out some current opportunities below and get involved.

For questions on how to volunteer call the church office at (703) 771-1500 or email volunteer@cornerstonechapel.net.

Volunteer Opportunities Email List

To receive information about current and future volunteer needs in and around the church, sign up for our Volunteer Email List. You can sign up to be added to the list by clicking the button below.

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Volunteer Criteria

The opportunities to volunteer at Cornerstone are very diverse. It is our goal to fit the right people in the right position and as a result, there are different levels of criteria for different areas of service. Some of the more sensitive areas of service require background checks and pastoral approval while other opportunities just require you to know Christ as your Savior.

Audio Ministry

For questions, email audio@cornerstonechapel.net

The Audio Ministry at Cornerstone Chapel provides an opportunity for volunteers to assist during services. This important ministry is one of the practical ways to get involved in the life of the church. Previous experience is preferred but not necessary.

• Sound Board Operator for Regular Services
• Technical Assistant for Regular Services and Special Events


Children’s Ministry

For questions, email children@cornerstonechapel.net

The Children’s Ministry at Cornerstone Chapel provides an opportunity to invest in the lives of children. Volunteers foster a godly environment for kids to grow and receive age appropriate Bible teaching. This ministry offers an excellent opportunity for the children at Cornerstone to grow in the Lord and for adults to use their gifts to serve the body of Christ.

• Teacher or Assistant
• Nursery Assistant
• Hall Host
• Children’s Worship
• Check–In
• Audio/Video Team


Church Wide Events

For questions, email volunteer@cornerstonechapel.net

On a regular basis, the congregation of Cornerstone comes together for church wide events. Each event is a great opportunity to connect with the entire church body. Church wide events also are an area for you or your whole family to serve.

• Easter Services
• Vacation Bible School
• Hallelujah Party
• Christmas Eve Services

Men’s Ministry

For questions, email men@cornerstonechapel.net

The Men’s Ministry at Cornerstone Chapel offers opportunities to get to know other men in the congregation through serving together and Christ-centered fellowship. Men can also use their gifts and abilities to serve the Lord while building relationships in this ministry.

• Regularly scheduled events (Set Up, Tear Down, Greeting, Etc.)
• Small group leaders
• One-on-one discipleship

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Outreach Ministry

For questions, email outreach@cornerstonechapel.net

Serving others is a vital aspect of Cornerstone Chapel’s Outreach Ministry. The people involved in this ministry enjoy being an encouragement to others in their time of need, ministering to people who are troubled, poor, sick, lonely, and lost. Volunteers in this ministry use their gifts to influence others for Christ by putting their faith into action.

• Operation Christmas Child
• Practical Ministry to Single Moms & Widows (Snow Removal, Moving, Etc.)

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Parking Ministry

For questions, email volunteer@cornerstonechapel.net

Volunteers who serve in the Parking Ministry work to ensure vehicles flow in and out of the parking lot as smoothly as possible. Parking volunteers are the first people to make contact with people as they arrive at Cornerstone.

• Regular Services
• Special Services (Christmas & Easter Services)
• Crossing Guards


Phone Ministry

For questions, email volunteer@cornerstonechapel.net

Volunteers serving in the Phone Ministry answer phones in the front office during services. Volunteers can serve on a regular schedule or fill in as needed. Phone Ministry is a component of the Welcome Ministry, and functions as the ‘voice’ of Cornerstone in interacting with people calling for information during the services.

• Regular Services
• Special Services (Christmas & Easter Services)


Picnics on the Patio

For questions, email outreach@cornerstonechapel.net

Picnics on the Patio at Cornerstone provide a great opportunity for the congregation of Cornerstone to spend time together as they share a meal. The Picnics occur in the summer months and are run by Cornerstone volunteers who serve by setting up, serving, and tearing down. Volunteers can serve at any of the Picnics on the Patio.


Prayer Ministry

For questions, email outreach@cornerstonechapel.net
Every Sunday • 8:00-8:30 A.M. • The Chapel
We invite you to meet with us every Sunday morning to pray for the work God is doing through our church! We will pray for our pastors, our ministries and our congregation, as we trust God to glorify Himself in our community. Please come as you are able.

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Safety Ministry

For questions, email safety@cornerstonechapel.net

If you are interested in providing a safe atmosphere at the church and have a law enforcement, government, military, medical professional or security background, this ministry may be for you. Team members serve at weekly services as well as church wide events.

• Regular Services
• Special Services (Christmas & Easter Services)


Small Groups Ministry (K-Groups)

For questions, email kgroups@cornerstonechapel.net

Leading or hosting a Koinonia Group (commonly referred to as a K-Group) is a great way for an individual to use their gift as a Bible study facilitator or their gift of hospitality. K-Groups provide a welcoming place to develop strong, lasting friendships, as well as helping others grow in their relationship with the Lord. K-Groups allow individuals to fulfill the “prayer” and “fellowship” aspects of Acts 2:42.

• Leaders (Facilitates group discussion)
• Hosts (Provides location for the group to meet)


Spanish Translation

For questions, email volunteer@cornerstonechapel.net

The Spanish Translation Ministry at Cornerstone Chapel is an opportunity for Spanish-speakers to serve as they translate the weekend services from English to Spanish. These volunteers provide Spanish-speaking individuals at Cornerstone with the opportunity to receive the teaching of God’s Word.

• Regular Services
• Special Services (Christmas & Easter Services)


Special Needs Ministry

For questions, email opendoor@cornerstonechapel.net

Our Open Door Ministry focuses on providing support to individuals with special needs and their families. Volunteers assist individuals with special needs as they participate in church functions.

• Adapted Sunday School Teachers/Assistants (All Ages)
• Buddy Program (Preschool-Grade 5)
• Coffee House (Ages 23+)


U.S. Missions

For questions, email usmissions@cornerstonechapel.net

Our U.S. Missions team seeks to help those in our community by meeting practical needs. The people involved in this ministry must have skills that will be used to serve in a practical way (car/home repair, landscaping, etc.).

• Practical Ministry to Single Moms & Widows (Car Care, Home Repairs, Etc.)
• Practical outreach opportunities (Landscaping, Moving, Repairs, Etc.)
• Domestic service trips

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Ushers Ministry

For questions, email volunteer@cornerstonechapel.net
Men who serve as Ushers greet people entering the sanctuary and assist with seating, receiving the offering, passing out Bibles and serving Communion. Ushers are a vital part of services and making people feel welcome at Cornerstone.

• Regular Services
• Communion Preparation (open to men & women)
• Special Services (Christmas & Easter Services)


Video Ministry

For questions, email video@cornerstonechapel.net

This team serves the church by broadcasting all of our services within our building and online. No experience is needed, training is provided, but an aptitude/ability for learning new technology is beneficial. Serving in this ministry currently requires a weekly or bi-weekly commitment.

• Camera Operator for Regular Services
• Video Switcher for Regular Services
• Videographer for Church Wide Events (Experience Preferred)


Welcome Ministry

For questions, email outreach@cornerstonechapel.net

The Welcome Ministry at Cornerstone Chapel provides an opportunity to greet people as they arrive at church. The Welcome Ministry helps make a big church feel small and is the first step in helping people get connected at Cornerstone. Volunteers serve on a regular basis by opening doors and answering questions at the Information Booth.

• Regular Services
• Special Services (Christmas & Easter Services)


Women’s Ministry

For questions, email women@cornerstonechapel.net

The Women’s Ministry at Cornerstone Chapel has many opportunities for women to use their gifts and abilities to serve the Lord. Serving in Women’s Ministry provides a great opportunity to have fellowship, get connected with other women and build lasting relationships.

• Hospitality Team (Greeters, Coffee Set Up, Decorating)
• Weekly Bible Study Small Group Leaders
• Weekly Bible Study Childcare
• Women’s Retreat (Preparation, Decorating, Set Up, Greeters)
• One-on-one Discipleship
• Meals Ministry (Providing meals to those in need)
• Audio/Video Team (Run sound and words for Women’s Bible Studies and/or events)

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Worship Ministry

For questions, email worship@cornerstonechapel.net

The Worship Ministry at Cornerstone Chapel is a great way for musicians to serve the congregation by using their God-given talents. This ministry provides an opportunity to serve and connect with other musicians who are passionate about serving the Lord through worship. Auditions are held on an as needed basis.

Young Adults Ministry

For questions, email youngadults@cornerstonechapel.net

The Young Adults ministry meets weekly on Monday nights and there are many opportunities for involvement. Getting involved in the Young Adults ministry provides an opportunity for Young Adults (married and single, ages 18-29) to use their gifts to serve and influence their peers for Christ.

• Audio/Video Assistant
• Event Greeter
• General Help
• Prayer Team
• Set Up
• Tear Down
• Worship Lyrics/Media Operator


Youth Ministry (High School)

For questions, email highschool@cornerstonechapel.net

The High School Ministry is a great way to get plugged into and impact the lives of the youth at Cornerstone. This ministry focuses on building lasting relationships and helping students in their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. Serving the high school youth provides an opportunity to impact the lives of high school students.

• Youth Group Volunteer (Youth Services, Monthly Events, and Walk Over Ministry)
• Youth Camp Volunteer (Activity Team or Kitchen Team)


Youth Ministry (Middle School)

For questions, email middleschool@cornerstonechapel.net

Volunteering with the Middle School Ministry is an opportunity to minister to and serve the next generation of believers in the Church. This ministry offers volunteers a chance to guide, influence, and encourage students through the challenges of growing up in a difficult world.

• Youth Group Volunteer (Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights)
• A/V Team Volunteer
• Monthly Activity Chaperones
• Youth Camp Volunteer (Activity Team or Kitchen Team)




1. Pray

If you feel prompted to volunteer, pray and ask God what Ministry opportunities would best fit your talents and passions.

2. Pursue

Take the initial steps to sign up. Go to our website and follow the application and approval process.

3. Participate

Join others as we serve and share God’s love with others.