Marwan Rifka

Gary Hamrick

Marwan has been a board member of Cornerstone Chapel since 2003. Marwan serves as an advisor to Pastor Gary on all stewardship leadership issues relating to the Church. Marwan is responsible for, and provides leadership to, all financial, organizational, and administration areas of Cornerstone Chapel.

After growing up in Lebanon, Marwan and his parents immigrated to the United States during the civil war in Lebanon in 1975. Marwan grew up in a strong Christian home and accepted the Lord into his heart at an early age. After arriving in the USA, he was blessed with a long successful career with EDS, the world’s largest Information Technology Company as one of its Presidents, both in the US and in Europe, managing over $2 billion of revenue and a workforce of over 2,000. Throughout all of his career, Marwan and his wife Sue always felt the call of the Lord to ministry and were active in lay ministry leadership wherever they lived and worshipped. In 2002, Marwan left the corporate world and is the Executive Pastor of Stewardship at Cornerstone Chapel. In his role, he applies the best practices of stewardship found in the Bible to help the ministry of Cornerstone Chapel fulfill its calling and mission.

Pastor Marwan has been married to Sue since 1979, and together they were blessed with two daughters, Christina and Danielle, and a son, Matthew.

Marwan is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys music, news and cuisines from around the world.