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Opening Fall 2023

Quality Education.

Biblical Worldview.

We want to build on the mission of our church to help equip the next generation with a quality, Christian education.



Introducing Dr. Sam Botta


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If you’d like to make a donation to support the renovation, maintenance and future endowment of Cornerstone Christian Academy, you may do so below. Please select ‘Education’ as the fund.


We are not presently accepting enrollment. If you previously completed the interest form, you will be notified when we begin accepting students.


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We are under contract to purchase the former Middleburg Academy campus in Middleburg, Virginia.

We will offer Kindergarten-8th Grade in the first year. We hope to add an additional grade level each year thereafter through 12th grade.

We plan to open in the fall of 2023.

We are not presently accepting enrollment. If you previously completed the interest form, you will be notified when we begin accepting students.

We are looking at the possibility of providing bus transportation from the parking lot of Cornerstone Chapel.
We're still working on final numbers. Stay tuned!
We plan to make scholarships available. More information to come!

Yes! We’re not yet accepting applications, but you can email to express your interest, or with any employment questions.

The school is going to be a separate entity. We have also set up an entity that will own the property and it will lease it to the entity that operates the school. We have secured a loan to pay for the property and perform the renovations needed. The church will donate as part of its outreach spending to the school (just as the church has been doing to other Christian schools) towards the operational expenses until the school is paying for all of its expenses.

Tithes and Gifts to the church pay for the operation of the church. The church, as part of its “outreach principle” donates at least 10% to other ministries, community outreaches, missionaries, relief efforts, non-profits, international churches support, etc. A part of those outreach funds will be given to the operation of the school when we decide how the outreach budget gets disbursed on an annual basis. So yes, a small portion of the 10% of the tithes to Cornerstone Chapel will be donated until the school is financially self-supporting. The financials will be kept separate. We will conduct a combined audit but not a consolidated one, for liability protection purposes.
The school will have its own governing board(s).

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Services On As Scheduled

All services will be held as scheduled Sunday, February 13.