2023 Kazakhstan Mission Trip
Global Outreach
June 09, 2023
JUNE 9 - 17, 2023

There will be two facets to our trip to beautiful Almaty, Kazakhstan.  The first will be an ESL program geared to young professionals and college students within the bustling city.  We have established a relationship over the past two years with a Christian ESL ministry working within the city and they will advertise that Americans are visiting for an ESL camp.  Many will want to come and learn directly from the Americans and is a great opportunity to bless and minister the gospel to primarily Russian-speaking Muslims.

The second facet of our trip will be working with Muslim Uyghurs who are seeking job skills.  Our missionary partners have established a Learning Center that has been outfitted by Cornerstone with furniture and computer labs.  We will teach ESL, along with basic IT and Robotics.  Teachers and IT professionals are encouraged to apply but others are needed and can easily participate in teaching English.

We will stay with host families who are excited to share their culture, food, and beautiful city with us.  Come and enjoy the incredible scenery while experiencing a wonderful and diverse culture.