Waiting can be a challenge. We know God loves us, but do we trust His timing? James chapter 5 encourages us to be patient during times of uncertainty. When we remember that God is patient with us, we can grow in our patience and learn to wait well.

Questions, Answers & More

The second of a four-part question and answers series. This week, Andy Wagner, Austin Hamrick, and Tyler Hamrick answer viewers’ questions about the Bible!

Lessons From Luke

Jesus lived with others in mind. That’s a theme from Luke and the entire New Testament. The challenge for His followers is to rely on Him so that we can follow His example despite our circumstances.

Growing Our Faith

Generosity, obedience, and forgiveness all take faith that God and His promises are true. So how can we strengthen our faith? God uses a variety of things to grow our faith that will help us represent Him well. Looking into the book of Daniel we see examples of faith despite a fiery furnace and a […]

Suffer Well

Suffering, response, King Ahaz, Isaiah, Paul