Discouraged While Walking With Jesus?

Luke 24 is often seen as a model of the journey that Jesus makes with many of us today. Two followers of Jesus don’t even recognize their risen Lord as they walk along the road and have conversation with Him. Suddenly, their eyes are opened, and their deep discouragement turns into passion. Similarly, as followers […]

The Battlefield of Blessing

The Kingdom of Israel is divided, and the leader of Judah, King Jehoshaphat, is terrified by the news he just received regarding a triple-threat alliance of foreign enemies marching against Jerusalem. There are three things King Jehoshaphat does in the midst of his fear and the impending battle. These same three things are crucial for […]

The Person & Power of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit can often be a controversial topic in the church. Some spheres of the church seldom talk about the Holy Spirit because it makes them feel uncomfortable; while other spheres of the church put an unhealthy emphasis on the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. In today’s message, Pastor Austin addresses […]