Walking in the Light

Join Pastor Erwin Lutzer as he shares 5 ways to deal with our darkness in order to walk in the Light from 1 John 1.

Love and Truth – Part 3/3

In the conclusion of the “Love and Truth” series, Pastor Gary takes a look at 2nd and 3rd John where TRUTH is mentioned 11 times. Philosophers and scholars through the ages have tried to define and debate truth. What is truth? Is there absolute truth? And if so, who can know it? Find out the […]

Love and Truth – Part 2/3

Pastor Gary continues through the epistles of 1,2,3 John with a focus on Love and Truth. John addresses four erroneous claims about our relationship with God and with one another. Among them, are the ideas that we can know God without obeying His commands or that we can love God without loving others. Join us […]

Love and Truth – Part 1/3

John talks more about LOVE in this little epistle of 1 John than any other book of the Bible. But it is balanced with TRUTH. He addresses several false claims that Christians make about their relationship with God and with one another. Join Pastor Gary Hamrick as we examine the first two chapters of 1 […]