Life After Death

Most people have a curiosity about the afterlife. That’s because the Bible says that “God has set eternity in the hearts of men” (Ecc. 3:11). The eternal God has put […]

Worldly Wealth for Heavenly Good

In an unfamiliar parable told only by Luke, Jesus wants us to understand that money and material things by themselves are not bad. In fact, they can and should be […]

Once was Lost, Now am Found

People are either “lost” or “found”. That is, we are either estranged from God or we know Him in a personal relationship through Jesus. In Luke 15 Jesus describes different […]

Walk Through that Door

The Bible describes salvation like a gate or a door.  It is open to all, but it is narrow and it won’t stay open forever.  We are invited to walk […]

The Theology of Tragedy

All of our lives will be touched by something tragic at some point—death, disease, grief, sorrow, betrayal, abuse, etc.—you name it, we live in a world corrupted by sin and […]

Don’t Worry About It

All of us worry some of the time, and some of us worry all of the time, but Jesus tells us not to worry any of the time!  Yes, worry […]

An Enemy Named Busy

Felt busy lately? We all have! But someone once said, “If Satan can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.”  Satan loves to get us off track by stealing […]

Lessons From Luke

Jesus lived with others in mind. That’s a theme from Luke and the entire New Testament. The challenge for His followers is to rely on Him so that we can […]

The Good Samaritan

The story of the Good Samaritan is found only in the gospel of Luke but is probably the most familiar parable that Jesus taught. Despite how many, even secular sociologists, […]

Paradox Principles for Life

There are several times that the Bible uses paradoxes as teaching tools.  A paradox is “a statement that seems contradictory or absurd but is actually valid or true.”  Pastor Gary […]