Spontaneous Grace

In Luke 19, Jesus sent two of His disciples to retrieve the young donkey on which He would ride for His triumphal entry into Jerusalem preceding His crucifixion. When the owners inquired as to why the disciples were taking their donkey, the disciples were to respond, “Because the Lord has need of it.” The owners […]

Lessons From A Teenager

Mary the mother of Jesus plays a significant role in the Christmas story, but she also has been a figure of confusion over the centuries. Who was Mary according to the Bible? How do our views differ from the views of the Roman Catholic Church regarding Mary’s life and legacy? And what can we learn […]

Discouraged While Walking With Jesus?

Luke 24 is often seen as a model of the journey that Jesus makes with many of us today. Two followers of Jesus don’t even recognize their risen Lord as they walk along the road and have conversation with Him. Suddenly, their eyes are opened, and their deep discouragement turns into passion. Similarly, as followers […]

Evidence for the Head, Hope for the Heart

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is an historical fact that is unique to Christianity.  No other world religion makes the claim that their leader, prophet, or king died and rose from the dead.  People around the world are still celebrating a Risen Savior!  In Luke 24, Jesus appears to His disciples and […]

We are Barabbas

What exactly was Jesus charged with that led to His crucifixion?  What was His crime?  There were two—BLASPHEMY and SEDITION.  The charges were not legitimate but they were trumped up by His adversaries.  The Jews demanded that Pontius Pilate release Barabbas and crucify Jesus instead.  There is an irony in that exchange that Pastor Gary […]

Kissers and Weepers

Two of Jesus’ Disciples failed Him.  One denied Him; one betrayed Him.  One recovered and was restored; the other tragically took his own life and died in his failure.  These are the stories of Peter and Judas.  Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss, but Peter wept over his denial of Jesus. Peter was broken over […]

Jesus:  Our Passover Lamb

For centuries Jews around the world have celebrated Passover to commemorate their deliverance from slavery in Egypt.  But when Jesus shared His last Passover with His disciples, He expanded their understanding of Passover—that it was not simply looking back to their deliverance from the slavery of Egypt, but looking forward to a greater deliverance for […]