The Tale of Two Hearts

Join us as guest speaker, Pastor Stephan Tchividjian, shares about the heart of man vs. the heart of God in this study from Matthew 5:17-48.

When in the Wilderness

Temptation is a part of everyday life, so what does the Bible say on how to combat it? Matthew 4 tells us the Spirit compelled Jesus to go into the wilderness where he would fast 40 days and suffer temptation from Satan himself. Jesus being fully God and fully human was tempted in every way, […]

Followers in the Crowd

When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem during the week of Passover–just before His crucifixion–He was worshipped openly as the Messiah. Join Pastor Mike McClure from Calvary Chapel San Jose as he discusses Jesus through the eyes of the people He encountered along the way.

God’s Gift to the World

Christmas day is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ! He was God’s greatest Gift to the world. In fact, it’s why we give gifts at Christmas time—to commemorate the Gift and the Gift-Giver! In today’s short teaching, Pastor Gary uses “GIFTS” as an acronym to remember that God Is Faithful To Save! God […]

God Chose You

Matthew 1 takes us to the scene of Joseph taking Mary as his wife and adopting Jesus as his own. God chose Joseph for a specific purpose – to raise His only Son. Joseph’s example gives us a glimpse of God the Father, who loves us and has chosen us for a specific purpose. How […]

The Ministry of Truth

The Church in America has become weak, ineffective, cowardly and has strayed from preaching the full counsel of God to the ecclesia (aka church). The Church no longer holds the line of truth, not because the world took it, but because we gave it. To reclaim the ground of truth, we need to be holy grounded in […]

Prophecies about the First Christmas

What did the ancient prophets have to say about the birth of the Messiah?  Matthew, in his gospel, quotes five prophecies from his Jewish Scriptures (our Old Testament) about the birth of the Messiah that were fulfilled by Jesus Christ.  Why is it important for us to know this—that Jesus fulfilled ancient prophecies written hundreds […]