Hide & Go Seek

The most important part of a believer’s life is the part that only God sees – the hidden life. In Psalm 91, believed to be written by Moses, we see the importance of hiding in the Lord and seeking His presence as a place of refuge. Why do we need a place of refuge? Because […]

Entering The World Of The Unknown

Our limited perspective sometimes prevents us from viewing difficult circumstances with an eternal mindset, but God invites us, through the reading of His Word, to dive into the world of the unknown so that our eyes may be opened to the spiritual reality all around us.

Israel, Hamas, and End Times

In light of the war between Israel and Hamas, Pastor Gary Hamrick presents a Biblical perspective of the events. Who/What is Hamas? Why are they so intent on destroying Israel? Who are the Palestinians and why do many of them think of the Jews as “occupiers” and “colonialists”? And do these current events point to […]