Israel: Past, Present, and Future

Are the Jewish people God’s “chosen people”? And if so, why have most Jews not accepted Jesus as Messiah? Has the Church “replaced” Israel in terms of promises God made to her that now belong to the Church? Pastor Gary answers these and other questions in today’s study from Romans 9-11. In these three chapters, […]

All Things Work Together for Good

When life is good, it’s easy to quote Romans 8:28 that “all things work together for good.” But when life is not so good, is this verse still true? Are other verses in the Bible still true when our life circumstances do not fit with the promises of the Bible? The answer is YES. It’s […]

Winning the War Within

For the Christian there is a battle within—a battle between our spirit that wants to please the Lord, and our flesh that wants to please self. In Romans 8, Paul gives us three encouraging ways that the Holy Spirit helps us to fight the battle of the flesh and spirit: He empowers us, adopts us, […]

No Condemnation, No Separation

In Romans 8, Paul opens and closes the chapter with two important exhortations: (1) There is no condemnation and (2) There is no separation from the love of God for those who are in Christ Jesus. Too many Christians still walk around under the heavy weight of condemnation, shame, and guilt. In addition, some Christians […]

The Importance of God’s Law

Since Christians are under grace instead of the law, the question becomes—is the law of God pointless now? Some Christians think that! But Paul says otherwise. In Romans 7, Paul gives us three reasons why God’s law is important in the life of the Believer today. Pastor Gary unpacks Romans 7 and also helps us […]

Getting Victory over Sin

The Christian life will have its share of temptations. That’s because when a person trusts Christ as Lord and Savior, his or her spirit is regenerated but not the flesh. The flesh is constantly at war with the spirit so that the spirit wants to please God, but the flesh wants to please self. In […]

What Adam Ruined, Jesus Redeemed

When Adam and Eve sinned against God in the Garden of Eden by eating from the one tree that God had warned them not to eat, the human race became tainted. The genetic code of the human soul became permanently altered, and thus all of the descendants of Adam inherited the same sinful nature. That’s […]

Stepping Stones to Hope

There are a lot of people in the world who have no hope—overwhelmed with grief, or pain, or sorrow, or anxiety—regretting the past, uncertain about the present, or worrying about the future. But God offers us a HOPE that the world does not have. In Romans 5, Paul tells us that there is a path […]

And Now, the Good News!

The world says, “Man is basically good.” But God’s Word says, “Man is basically bad and in need of a Savior!” Since man is guilty before God and deserves punishment, the question is—How can we be made right with God? Paul answers that question from three different angles. Join Pastor Gary as he teaches through […]

Guilty as Charged

Some people are self-righteous and they judge everyone else by their own standard. Some people are overrighteous and they pride themselves in being better than everyone else. But both are sinful before God. In fact, ALL of us are “guilty as charged.” Paul makes the case that no one has an excuse for denying or […]