Your engagement is an exciting time, and it is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the life ahead! Premarital counseling is a prerequisite for any couple to be married by one of our pastors or married within our building.



Couples interested in premarital counseling should:

  • Attend Cornerstone regularly
  • Already be engaged
  • Agree that marriage is a sacred covenant between one biological man and one biological woman
  • Commit to at least three one-hour premarital counseling sessions with one of our pastors or counselors, with both the bride & groom present. Eight sessions are required when step-parenting is involved.

You should ideally schedule counseling six months before the wedding date so that all sessions are completed prior to the event.

Honorarium: $300 (suggested minimum; given at the last session)


Ceremony Officiant

Any Cornerstone pastor who is licensed to perform marriages in Virginia can perform a wedding ceremony.

Honorarium: $300 (suggested minimum; given at the rehearsal)


Out of Town Weddings

Out-of-town weddings require additional compensation to cover the costs of transportation (if over 30 miles) and lodging (if over 100 miles). If this applies to you, we will work with you to determine the exact amount.


Marriage License

Marriage licenses are a requirement in Virginia. Visit to learn how to obtain and pay for a marriage license.

Bring the license to your officiating pastor at the rehearsal. He will fill it out and mail it to the Clerk of the Circuit Court after your ceremony.

If you need a copy for your honeymoon (international travel), let the pastor know prior to your wedding day.


Next Steps

If you are interested in proceeding, please have both fiancé and fiancée individually complete our premarital questionnaire.

After you each complete the questionnaire, we will schedule an intake session (about 20 minutes) and connect you with one of our counselors.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email