Wedding Policy

We’re thrilled you’re considering us for your wedding day! Please take a moment to glance through the information below to make sure we’re all on the same page.



Couples who get married in our building or off-site by one of our pastors should:

  • Attend Cornerstone regularly
  • Attend premarital counseling at Cornerstone
  • Agree that marriage is a sacred covenant between one biological man and one biological woman
  • Agree that oral vows must be given and witnessed by God, a pastor, and supporting family and/or friends

Our facility and pastors are not available for weddings that violate our Articles of Faith.


Wedding Ceremonies at Cornerstone

If you’re interested in holding your wedding ceremony at Cornerstone, please email and we will connect you with our wedding coordinator to discuss available wedding dates/etc. Please note that receptions must be hosted at an alternate venue.


Wedding Ceremony Location Options & Fees

Chapel $1,000
Atrium $1,500
Café $2,000
Park or Courtyard $1,000

Rental Time includes: 2-hour set up, 1-hour ceremony, 1-hour clean up

Fees include: A designated On-Site Coordinator, Facilities Staff, Sound Tech and Cleaning Crew

Security deposit: $250 deposit (due within 7 days of approval)

Balance is due the Monday before the event.

Optional Fees:

Musicians: $150

Payable to each musician; submit to your On-Site Coordinator to distribute.

Need musician recommendations? Let our wedding coordinator know!


Facility Rules & Expectations

Music for the Ceremony
All music must be submitted to the officiating pastor for approval two weeks prior to the ceremony to allow us to verify that the content is not contrary to our Articles of Faith.

Deliveries to the Church
All deliveries must be scheduled during your reservation time. Notify your assigned On-Site Coordinator of all delivery and pick up arrangements by 5:00 pm on the Thursday before the wedding.

Please Keep These Items Away
Rice, bird seed, rose petals or confetti may not be thrown inside or outside the building, and sparklers are not allowed on the property. Candles must be enclosed.

Cornerstone Chapel Décor
All Cornerstone Chapel décor must remain in place and unaltered.

Church Activities
There may be church activities happening in other parts of the building during your event. We’ll make sure you’re aware of what’s going on.

Tobacco & Alcohol
Alcohol, tobacco, and drug use are not allowed on the church campus. Violations may lead to the immediate removal of your group from the premises.

If wedding activities result in damage to church property, the wedding party will be responsible for the costs of repair or replacement, including materials and labor. This includes damage caused by wedding guests. Please note: the use of tape, thumbtacks, nails, etc. on the floors, walls, or ceilings is not allowed.

Your $250 deposit will be returned to you following your event and after a final inspection. Fees may be deducted if there is any damage to church property.

When It’s Over
All items must be removed from the premises within one hour of the event. The wedding party may be charged an additional moving fee for any items not picked up within this time-frame.

The wedding party and guests must be out of the building no later than 9:00 pm.