Koinonia Groups

Do you want to develop relationships with people at Cornerstone, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Joining a Koinonia Group (commonly called a K-Group) is a great way to build strong, lasting friendships. K-Groups are made available to further relationships with the Lord and with one another. Each gathering includes time for Bible study, sharing and prayer, and fellowship.

K-Groups meet in homes throughout our area, and each group has a facilitator who guides discussion based on Pastor Gary’s weekly message. Dates and times vary between each group. Our Koinonia season runs from Labor Day–Memorial Day, but many of our groups continue to meet socially during the summer months.

For more information, call the church at (703) 771-1500, or email Pastor Mike Emerson at kgroups@cornerstonechapel.net.


Want to facilitate or Host?

Facilitating or hosting a Koinonia Group is a great way for an individual to use their gift as a Bible study facilitator or their gift of hospitality. K-Groups provide a welcoming place to develop strong, lasting friendships, as well as helping others grow in their relationship with the Lord. K-Groups allow individuals to fulfill the “prayer” and “fellowship” aspects of Acts 2:42.