Spontaneous Grace

In Luke 19, Jesus sent two of His disciples to retrieve the young donkey on which He would ride for His triumphal entry into Jerusalem preceding His crucifixion. When the owners inquired as to why the disciples were taking their donkey, the disciples were to respond, “Because the Lord has need of it.” The owners […]

An Anchor of the Soul

How do we follow Christ in a culture that celebrates wickedness? Bishop E.W. Jackson challenges us to rely on God’s power as we seek to steward all that God has given us, trusting in Him as the Anchor for the soul.

Show Me Your Glory

The light of God’s glory in our nation has grown dim due to our rebellion and disobedience. God’s glory has even grown dim in the walls of our churches because we have strayed from His Word. This was the story of the Israelites in Exodus 33. God’s glory and presence would no longer travel with […]

The Tale of Two Hearts

Join us as guest speaker, Pastor Stephan Tchividjian, shares about the heart of man vs. the heart of God in this study from Matthew 5:17-48.

The Monumental Moment

Why did Jesus come to Earth when he did? Galatians 4 tells us that God sent his Son at just the right time. God is all about timing – throughout the pages of scripture, throughout history, and throughout each of our lives.

The Perfect Promise

Two of the most dangerous words in the English language are “I promise”. Many of us have been hurt by broken promises, and others of us have not kept our word. Can we really trust God to make good on His promises in the Bible? In today’s message, Pastor Austin unpacks some of the Old […]