Christians, Do Not Come Down

If Satan can’t defeat us through disobedience, he will try to defeat us through discouragement. Many things about life can easily take a toll on us and the Enemy will do all he can to capitalize on those things in order to bring us down—but we can learn from the story of Nehemiah about how he […]

No Reason to Hide

In today’s teaching, Dr. Erwin Lutzer exposes how the culture is collapsing and how Christians will need to stand alone on God’s truth. Drawn from the example of Daniel’s three friends in Daniel chapter 3, sometimes we must live counter to the culture and trust God to deliver us, either in this life or in […]

God, Help us!

Join guest speaker Pastor Don McClure as he shares a special message from Habakkuk, providing encouragement as we navigate the issues facing our world today.


Waiting can be a challenge. We know God loves us, but do we trust His timing? James chapter 5 encourages us to be patient during times of uncertainty. When we remember that God is patient with us, we can grow in our patience and learn to wait well.