Three Things To Do While You Wait
Psalm 25
Pastor Austin Hamrick
True Love
John 13:34
Pastor Andy Wagner
Where are you?
Genesis 3-4
Pastor Tyler Hamrick
Anyone Who Is Thirsty
Psalm 42
Pastor Tyler Hamrick
When Righteousness Rains On A Nation
Hosea 10:12
Pastor Austin Hamrick
From Culturally Woke To Biblically Awake
Psalm 33:12
Jim Garlow
Who Is God To You?
Mark 8
Nate Gallagher
God and Government
Romans 13
Pastor Gary Hamrick
How to Treat One Another
Romans 12
Pastor Gary Hamrick
The Demonic Deception
1 Timothy 4
Pastor Tyler Hamrick
Building A Family & Battling An Enemy
Psalm 127:1-5
Matthew Maher
Principles of Rest
Hebrews 4
Pastor Jimmy Mullen

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The following digital study guides are available as companion resources to Pastor Gary’s special series, and are designed to accompany the related teachings in our teaching library.