A Biblical Response to the ‘Transing’ of America
Romans 1:18-28
That’s Not Fair!
Acts 12
Pastor Gary Hamrick
The All Knowing God
John 13
Ryan Ries
Wanted: The Brave
Kirk Cameron
Midweek Bible Study
Nehemiah 1-2:5 - 4:7-18
Pastor Jimmy Mullen
Lessons from a Jew and a Gentile
Acts 10
Pastor Gary Hamrick
Midweek Bible Study
1 Samuel 26-28
Pastor Gary Hamrick
The Unashamed Life
Romans 1:16-17
Al Robertson
Don't Worry About The Wicked
Habakkuk 1-3
Pastor Tyler Hamrick

Companion Resources

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The following digital study guides are available as companion resources to Pastor Gary’s special series, and are designed to accompany the related teachings in our teaching library.