Winning the War Within

For the Christian there is a battle within—a battle between our spirit that wants to please the Lord, and our flesh that wants to please self. In Romans 8, Paul gives us three encouraging ways that the Holy Spirit helps us to fight the battle of the flesh and spirit: He empowers us, adopts us, […]

What does the Holy Spirit look like?

Join us as Pastor Tony Clark explores the question, “What does the Holy Spirit look like?” Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 5:15-33, He delves into the tangible manifestations of the Holy Spirit in our lives, highlighting the transformative power of His presence and how it impacts our relationships, worship, and daily walk with God. Join us […]

The Day of Pentecost

The followers of Jesus, who numbered about 120, were told to wait in Jerusalem until the “Promise” of the Holy Spirit. When the Day of Pentecost came, God poured out the Holy Spirit on all who had gathered in that Upper Room. It was an AUDIBLE, VISIBLE, and VERBAL event—the sound like a rushing wind, […]

The Power of the Holy Spirit

Some Christians feel powerless—struggling to have victory over sin, unable to be bold in their witness, tired of running the race, wondering if there is more to the Christian life than just biding their time until Jesus returns. Maybe this describes you, and maybe it’s all because there is an absence of God’s power without the […]

Who is the Holy Spirit

Jesus talks more about the Holy Spirit than any other single subject during His closing words to the Disciples gathered in the Upper Room for their last Passover together. He wants to assure them that even though He is going away (when He ascends back into Heaven after His crucifixion and resurrection), He will not […]

Living Water – The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity—one God who reveals Himself in three persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. In John 7, Jesus introduces us to the Holy Spirit by referring to Him as “living water.” In today’s study Pastor Gary teaches about the person […]