The Importance of God’s Law

Since Christians are under grace instead of the law, the question becomes—is the law of God pointless now? Some Christians think that! But Paul says otherwise. In Romans 7, Paul gives us three reasons why God’s law is important in the life of the Believer today. Pastor Gary unpacks Romans 7 and also helps us […]

Parting Words of Encouragement

If you know that you will probably never see a friend or loved one again, you will probably exchange some tender, parting words. This was the case with Paul and the elders of the Ephesian church when he met with them in Miletus. He closes his remarks with some parting words of encouragement about God’s […]

Embrace God’s Grace

Did you know that being a “good person” is not good enough? The Bible tells us that the human condition is broken and sinful and therefore we need a Savior—Jesus. We can’t do or say enough good things to overcome our broken condition. But here’s the good news—God offers us forgiveness of sins through faith […]