1 Corinthians 11
November 8, 2009
1 Corinthians New Testament

When Jesus committed Communion as an ordinance to the Church, it was intended to be a perpetual reminder of His crucifixion, resurrection, and Second Coming.But there’s a right way and a wrong way to participate in Communion, and the Corinthian church was doing it all the wrong way.Join Pastor Gary Hamrick today as we take a look at some questions and misconceptions about Communion even in our day.We will also examine the two main components of Communion-our relationship with others and our relationship with Christ.



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no service tonight

No Midweek Service Wednesday, December 29 due to our holiday schedule.

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Women's Bible Study

All groups (in-person and online, morning and evening) are canceled January 18 due to inclement weather. Groups will begin meeting January 25.