Living Water: The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity—one God who reveals Himself in three persons: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. In John 7, Jesus introduces us to the Holy Spirit by referring to Him as “living water.” In today’s study Pastor Gary teaches about the person […]

When Bread Is Not Enough

Sometimes people look to Jesus for what He can do for them instead of simply for who He is. We often want Him to “perform” for us – to meet our needs and to answer our prayers – but do we seek His face as much as we seek His hand? Pastor Gary tackles John […]

Questions, Answers, & More

The third of a four-part series in which Pastor Gary Hamrick answers viewers’ questions about the Bible!

Miracle at the Pool

In John 5 there was a “great multitude” of sick, lame, and paralyzed people lying around a pool in Jerusalem hoping for a miracle.  One man was there who was an invalid for 38 years.  Jesus was directed by the Father to heal that one man among the many who were sick.  Why did He […]

Complete in Jesus

In John 4, Jesus has a divine appointment with a woman at a well that will be life-changing for her.  She had been on a search for love—married five time and living with a sixth man who was not her husband.  As only Jesus can do, he tenderly performs heart surgery on her by exposing […]

Spiritual Birth

There is a difference between PHYSICAL birth and SPIRITUAL birth. Physical birth was the will and decision of others, but spiritual birth is your choice. There was a Jewish man named Nicodemus who didn’t understand spiritual birth. Like so many people today, people are confused and curious about Jesus. The conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus […]

Questions, Answers & More

The first of a four-part series in which Pastor Gary Hamrick answers viewers’ questions about the Bible!

God Has Saved the Best for Last

The first miracle that Jesus performed during His earthly ministry was the changing of water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana.  No one was healed, no one was raised from the dead, and no one was fed by a few loaves and fish.  This miracle was purely for the enjoyment of the wedding […]

The Identity and Deity of Jesus

There are many opinions in the world today about who Jesus is.  Some say He is just a prophet, some say He is a created being, some don’t believe in Him at all.  But exactly who is Jesus?  The apostle John goes into great detail in John 1 about the true identity and deity of […]