God's Calling
Isaiah 6
May 6, 2018
Isaiah Old Testament

In Isaiah 6, God pulls back the curtain of Heaven and allows us to see God seated on a throne with angelic beings circling above. But it’s also a chapter about Isaiah’s calling into the ministry. Isaiah’s encounter with God caused him to see his own unworthiness. Yet he was willing to serve the Lord if God saw fit to use him. All of us have “ministry”—whether to family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. But then there are some that God specifically calls into full-time Christian service. Could that be you? Have you ever wrestled with a “calling” on your life and wondered if God was leading you into the ministry, or the mission field, or some sort of vocational Christian service? Listen to today’s teaching as Pastor Gary works through Isaiah 6 and invites people to respond to God’s calling on their lives.