All Talk but No Walk
Isaiah 29
June 10, 2018
Isaiah Old Testament

Hypocrisy plagues us all. All of us are inconsistent from time to time with the way we live or talk or evaluate others in relation to ourselves. One of the worst types of hypocrisy is how we relate to God. This was the problem with the Jewish people in Isaiah’s day. He accuses them of honoring God with their lips (giving God lip service), but not their hearts. Did you know that according to a recent survey by the Barna Group that “hypocrisy” is the number one reason Millennials (those in their 20’s and early 30’s) give for why they don’t want to attend church? Hypocrisy is sin. It not only causes God to be dishonored, but it causes unbelievers to be disillusioned. Join Pastor Gary for today’s teaching on hypocrisy entitled, “All Talk but No Walk.”