God is Waiting for You
Isaiah 30-31
June 17, 2018
Isaiah Old Testament

In today’s study, Pastor Gary examines the problem Judah had of turning to Egypt for help against the Assyrian army instead of turning to God. It wasn’t until they had depleted their resources and exhausted their own efforts that the people of Judah finally turned to God. When they did, God wasn’t angry and did not shame His people. There were no “I warned you” or “you should have listened to me” or “I told you so” comments. Instead God had been waiting for them and eagerly helped them because he is a gracious and compassionate God. And that’s how he treats us too. If you’ve been estranged from God, or if you’ve become exhausted trying to do life without Him; if you have a hard time trusting God and surrendering to Him, then follow along in today’s study entitled, “God is Waiting for You.”