Out of the Desert
Isaiah 31-35
June 24, 2018
Isaiah Old Testament

Life is filled with its share of trials and tribulations. We often describe these times like a “desert experience.” Isaiah writes about this theme in Chapter 35 and how God will once again cause the desert to bloom and cause the redeemed of the Lord to be crowned with joy. In its future interpretation, Isaiah is speaking of the Millennial Kingdom when Christ will rule and reign on Earth for 1000 years. But in its near interpretation, he writes about God’s sustaining grace through the trials of everyday life. In 1925 a wonderful Daily Devotional was written by Lettie B. Cowman entitled, Streams in the Desert. It was inspired by Isaiah 35:6 and it is still published today after more than 90 years! Born out of her own personal anguish, this Devotional speaks of how Christ refreshed her like a Stream in the Desert. Join Pastor Gary for today’s study from Isaiah 35 entitled, “Out of the Desert.”