5 Marks of the Millennium
Isaiah 65
October 14, 2018
Isaiah Old Testament

If you like TV shows and movies about “time travel”, then you should like the Bible. The Bible takes us back in time and into the future as well. It’s about both history and prophecy. Isaiah concludes his book by giving us a glimpse into the future—to a time even beyond our own day. He takes us to a time when all people will live in peace; a time when even the animal kingdom will be tame; a time when joy and laughter will fill the streets instead of weeping and crying; a time when people will live long lives, and there will be blessing and prosperity. Isaiah writes about the time known as “The Millennial Reign of Christ” when Jesus returns to earth and rules and reigns from Jerusalem for 1000 years. Pastor Gary describes what life will look like in the Millennial Kingdom in today’s study from Isaiah 65-66.