A Serious Wound
Jeremiah 3-6
October 28, 2018
Jeremiah Old Testament

There is a lot of evil in our world. We all see it. But often times, we detach ourselves from the evil in the world and quietly, subconsciously whisper to ourselves that we are better than all the “bad guys” in the world. Truth is, we are all “bad guys” and there is only one Good Guy who died for the all the bad guys and girls in the world—Jesus Christ! Only through Him can we have forgiveness and receive a new heart and a new life! Mankind is not the solution to mankind’s problem; Jesus is! In today’s study, Pastor Gary tackles the uncomfortable topic of sin in our world and how we all stand guilty before a holy God. Fortunately for us, that same holy, perfect God sent His Son into the world to make us righteous before God through faith in Christ. Our hope, forgiveness, and peace is found in Christ alone.