Stand for What is Right
Jeremiah 25-26
February 3, 2019
Jeremiah Old Testament

We are living in a time when Christians need to stand for what is right and live for what is true without the fear of man. In Jeremiah 26, the prophet Jeremiah was threatened with death at the hands of his own countrymen simply because he spoke the truth and stood for what was right. Nevertheless, Jeremiah remained faithful to God and stood his ground without regard to the personal cost. God protected him that day, and his life was spared. But another prophet by the name of Uriah did not fare as well. While Uriah was a good prophet who spoke the truth like Jeremiah, he ran in fear when people opposed him and threatened his life. In the end, he was killed. It’s a sharp contrast for us between those who stand for what is right and enjoy God’s protection, and those who run in fear and are cut down. Join Pastor Gary in Jeremiah 26 for today’s study, “Stand for What is Right.”