The Mercy of God
January 5, 2020
Jonah Old Testament

“Jonah and the Whale” is no doubt one of the most familiar stories in all of the Bible (although the word “whale” does not appear in any English translation of the book of Jonah… it simply says a “great fish” swallowed Jonah). However some dismiss the story as FICTIONAL (along the lines of Moby Dick), and others argue it’s only ALLEGORICAL (a picture of God’s love and forgiveness of sinners, but not a true story). Yet, Jesus mentioned it twice in Matthew’s gospel (Chapters 12 and 16) as a FACTUAL story. And that’s how we should interpret it too—a real story with real people and real events that illustrate a central theme: the mercy of God. We all need God’s mercy (His love, compassion, and kindness)! Join us for today’s study as Pastor Gary highlights 4 characteristics of God’s Mercy from the book of Jonah that are important for us to understand for our lives.