Jesus is More Than That
Luke 19
April 5, 2020

When Jesus came into Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday, he was met by four reactions from people—some saw him as the Miracle-Worker, others hailed him as King, and still others believed him to be a Prophet. It is true that Jesus was and is all those things—a Miracle-Worker, King, and Prophet… but Jesus is more than that! And the only group of people who embraced Jesus for His true identity were the children! In Matthew 21 when Jesus came into Jerusalem after riding a donkey down the Palm Sunday road, the children exclaimed, “Hosanna to the Son of David!” The title “Son of David” is a Messianic title. In other words, the children were ascribing to Jesus the title reserved exclusively for the One who would come as Savior and Lord! Join us for on-line church as Pastor Gary retells the Palm Sunday story.