A Messy Family Tree
Matthew 1:1-17
June 14, 2020
Matthew New Testament

None of us chose our family of origin. We are born into a family without any choice about that. Sometimes that proves to be a good thing, and sometimes not. There are tragic stories of alcoholic parents, abusive family members, abandonment, divorce, poverty, etc. Children grow up to become adults who sometimes repeat those patterns, and the cycle continues. But what if that cycle could be broken? What if a person could actually live life without their family history defining them? It’s possible in a relationship with Christ! He gives us a new heart, a new start, and a new identity. The heritage we receive is not as important as the legacy we leave. Jesus’ own family tree was littered with human failure, and yet it did not define Him. In addition, God used imperfect people in that family tree to accomplish His perfect purposes. Join us for today’s study from Matthew chapter 1.