Cleansed from a Leprous Heart
Matthew 8:1-4
October 25, 2020
Matthew New Testament

In Matthew 8, Jesus heals a man with leprosy. In Biblical times leprosy was a debilitating, deadly disease. It was commonly thought that God would strike a person with leprosy as punishment for sin in his/her life. But that wasn’t true; leprosy wasn’t a punishment for sin but it was a picture of sin. There are several parallels between leprosy and our sin nature. And the cure that the man in Matthew 8 received for his leprosy is the same cure that we need for our sinfulness—a miracle from God. Through his sacrifice on the cross, Jesus offers us that miraculous cure for our terminal illness (our leprosy). We can be cleansed from the disease that is killing us and be made brand new creatures in Christ!