An Enemy Named Busy
Luke 10:38-42
October 10, 2021
Luke New Testament

Felt busy lately? We all have! But someone once said, “If Satan can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.”  Satan loves to get us off track by stealing our time.  There is no shortage of stuff to keep us busy!  Life can be crushing at times… and consequently a lot of things suffer because of it—marriages, health, relationships with children, and most importantly our relationship with Jesus.  In today’s study from Luke 10, Pastor Gary looks at a familiar story between two sisters—Mary and Martha.  Martha was frantic, busy, and distracted while Mary was calm and sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to Him.  Jesus admonishes Martha for being so worried and anxious, but he commended Mary for being so calm and devoted.  How can we manage the time God has given us to fight against the busy demands of life?  Join Pastor Gary for today’s teaching entitled, “An Enemy Named Busy.”