Pilate the People-Pleaser
John 18-19
January 8, 2023
John New Testament

Pontius Pilate was the Prefect appointed by Rome to oversee central Israel, including the city of Jerusalem, during the time of Christ. In fact, he became the pivotal figure in sentencing Jesus to death by crucifixion. Ironically, Pilate had determined three times that Jesus was not guilty of being condemned to death. So then why did he end up sentencing Him to death after all? Answer? Because Pilate had a weakness for what other people thought; and that weakness moved Pilate off center from what he knew was right. Truth is, all of us can be captive to the fear of people and trapped by a desire to always please people. Pastor Gary draws on this story from John’s gospel to help us recognize any of that sin in our own lives so that we can instead live to please God and fear Him alone.