Four Foundations of the Church
Acts 2:42
February 19, 2023
Acts (of the Apostles) New Testament

In 1869, the tallest lighthouse in America was built in Cape Hatteras, NC. It was built ½ mile from the coast, but after more than a hundred years of beach erosion, the Army Corps of Engineers had to relocate the lighthouse another ½ mile inland. The erosion threatened the foundation of the lighthouse. In a similar way, the Church is to be like a lighthouse—guiding people, warning people, and helping people to get safely home to Jesus. But unfortunately, there has been a slow erosion of some of the foundational elements of the Church that threaten the Church’s ability to be that beacon of light that we are called to be. In Acts 2:42, we learn about four foundational elements that defined the Early Church—things that should still define the Church today. Find out what they are and how our church endeavors to stay on solid ground.