When It’s OK to Disobey
Acts 3-4
February 26, 2023
Acts (of the Apostles) New Testament

At some point every Christian’s faith will be tested in the area of conscience and duty—to see whether you will have the courage to obey God rather than man wherever man’s law and authority contradicts the higher law and authority of God. The Early Church practiced civil disobedience wherever that contradiction existed. We have been living in a time more recently when government and/or employer policies, laws, and ordinances are increasingly at odds with God—with God’s policies, laws, and ordinances. And Christians in America are having to decide who is really Lord? And whom will you obey—God or man? Christians should be the best citizens, living in subjection to governing authority, praying and respecting our leaders. But where the contradiction exists, may God help us to say as the Early Church did—”We must obey God rather than men!” (Acts 5:29)