My Story for God’s Glory
Acts 25-26
October 29, 2023
Acts (of the Apostles) New Testament

Life is full of twists and turns that we know nothing about in advance, but God does. And some of those twists and turns are intended as “divine detours” where God brings people along our path who need to hear about Jesus. The Lord desires to use Believers to share their testimony so that others can hear about a life-changing relationship with Jesus. In the book of Acts we see this played out in Paul’s life when he was in prison in Caesarea. While imprisoned there, God brought along five influential leaders to hear Paul testify of Jesus. It’s a good reminder to us that we should be looking for those “divine detours”—times when God brings people along our path to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May we be faithful to share with them our story for God’s glory!