God and Government

There are three institutions that God has ordained in this order: the Family, the Government, and the Church. In Romans 13, Paul describes the role of government and our responsibility to it. In today’s study, Pastor Gary answers four important questions about government: 1)What does the Bible say is the primary role of government? 2)Why […]

When It’s OK to Disobey

At some point every Christian’s faith will be tested in the area of conscience and duty—to see whether you will have the courage to obey God rather than man wherever man’s law and authority contradicts the higher law and authority of God. The Early Church practiced civil disobedience wherever that contradiction existed. We have been […]

The Bible and the Constitution – Part 1/3

Join Dr. Michael Farris in part one of three of his series called, “The Bible and the Constitution.” He shares about originalism and the Constitution and how a biblical approach to government is the best way to ensure freedom and equality for all.