Four Foundations of the Church

In 1869, the tallest lighthouse in America was built in Cape Hatteras, NC. It was built ½ mile from the coast, but after more than a hundred years of beach erosion, the Army Corps of Engineers had to relocate the lighthouse another ½ mile inland. The erosion threatened the foundation of the lighthouse. In a […]

Pray Like Jesus

Everyone has probably prayed at some point in their lives—either out of desperation or celebration. But fewer actually practice prayer as a spiritual discipline. A “spiritual discipline” is a habit, practice, or experience designed to develop, grow, and strengthen one’s relationship with the Lord. Bible study, periodic fasting, attending church would all be examples of […]

Practice Persistent Prayer

Sometimes when we pray we don’t always get WHAT we want, WHEN we want it.  Nevertheless, Jesus encourages us to keep on praying and to not become discouraged.  He teaches a parable about a widow who continually appealed to a judge for justice until the judge finally granted her wish.  The point of the parable […]