A Martyr’s Example

The first martyr of the Early Church was a man named Stephen. He was killed defending his faith in Jesus Christ. His life and death serve as a great example for Christians today and also challenges us with three questions: (1) Do I love God more than my own life? (2) Do I forgive others who have wronged […]

Raising Lazarus

In one of the most beloved stories in the Bible, Jesus shows compassion, tenderness, and emotion in response to a very sad and tragic event—the untimely death of a close, personal friend named Lazarus. Although Lazarus’ sisters, Martha and Mary, had asked Jesus to come quickly, Jesus delayed coming until Lazarus had died so that […]

A Glimpse of Life in Heaven

In Luke 20, Jesus gives us a glimpse of what Heaven will be like—not in appearance, but in experience. He tells us two things: (a) there will be no marriage; relationships will be different, and (b) there will be no death; we will be like the angels in Heaven. Heaven is the eternal home for […]

Dead Man Talking

There is a little obscure village in Israel called Nain. It’s only mentioned one time in the entire Bible (Luke 7), and it’s the location of a miraculous event where Jesus raised a young man from the dead. The story is a display of Jesus’ compassion for a woman who had already buried her husband […]