Parting Words of Encouragement

If you know that you will probably never see a friend or loved one again, you will probably exchange some tender, parting words. This was the case with Paul and the elders of the Ephesian church when he met with them in Miletus. He closes his remarks with some parting words of encouragement about God’s […]

Embrace God’s Grace

Did you know that being a “good person” is not good enough? The Bible tells us that the human condition is broken and sinful and therefore we need a Savior—Jesus. We can’t do or say enough good things to overcome our broken condition. But here’s the good news—God offers us forgiveness of sins through faith […]

Amazing Grace

One of the most vivid and tender stories about God’s grace is found in John 8. A woman was caught in adultery and was brought to Jesus and publicly humiliated before a crowd. It was all a set-up in an attempt to test or trap Jesus. The religious leaders quoted the Old Testament law that […]